Law firm WEEGMANN DE GELAS in Bruges offers you specialised legal services in the field of transport and commercial law and insurances. We assist you in conducting negotiations, concluding agreements and resolving conflicts.  You can rely on our professional assistance and representation both on a national and international level. Our lawyers are passionate, focused and accessible. We put your case and interests first.


Law firm WEEGMANN DE GELAS has many years of experience and expertise in handling international files.

The company strives to provide optimal and professional legal advice or assistance to its clients within the scope of legal proceedings in Belgium or abroad. 

transport law
transport law

WEEGMANN DE GELAS has a lot of expertise and experience in both national and international transport law.  

Transport law is very broad and complex, which is why WEEGMANN DE GELAS wants to support its clients in case of questions or problems with regard to transport-related matters and strives for an individual, expert and efficient solution for any legal issue.
The company monitors national and international transport law closely and is very familiar with the procedures that have to be observed, which enables its lawyers to provide advice and assistance in full knowledge of the facts.
WEEGMANN DE GELAS handles cases related to:

  • CMR;
  • Maritime;
  • Transport licenses;
  • Cabotage;
  • Driving times and rest periods;
  • Customs and excise duties;
  • Toll payments;
  • E-vignette;
  • ADR;
  • Road taxes;
  • Abnormal loads;
  • Transhipment and load securing.
commercial law
commercial law

As national and international regulations on commercial relations evolve continuously, WEEGMANN DE GELAS provides expert advice in this complex area.

They see each problem as a legal challenge and strive to provide a solution that is tailored to the client and takes into account their specific wishes and requirements.
WEEGMANN DE GELAS provides advice and assists you in the preparation or adjustment of:

  • General terms and conditions;
  • Contracts;
  • Sales and purchase agreements;
  • IT agreements;
  • Distribution agreements;
  • Exclusivity contracts;
  • Commercial agency agreements;
  • Consultancy agreements;
  • Letters of credit.

WEEGMANN DE GELAS can help you with the most diverse insurance issues.

WEEGMANN DE GELAS provides advice and assistance with regard to:

  • Traffic law;
  • Commercial liability insurance - business operations coverage;
  • Commercial liability insurance after delivery;
  • Insurance disputes.